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Fair Use Policy

Fair Use Policy

Plagiarism: Overcoming the Odds

Although it may appear enticing to submit custom essays, assignments, and research papers as your own, this is not the way to use our services. The sample academic papers we offer are intended to serve as a rough draught for additional investigation. To avoid plagiarism, you must include your understanding and original perspectives in the paper.

We respect the academic standards followed by universities all over the world. However, ignoring plagiarism rules and using the original model paper as is will not assist in the long term. It will hinder you from acquiring the knowledge you will need to apply during exams.

What Can I Do with The Sample Papers?

Our sample assignment papers are created to show students how to approach a specific academic subject. However, this does not guarantee that the question will be asked in the same manner. It’s possible that you’ll be requested to present a different viewpoint on a comparable subject. The model academic papers, on the other hand, will assist you in forming ideas for a strong starting point. You can finally write your own paper based on considerable study, which you may choose to continue. The following is a step-by-step tutorial to using our sample papers.

  1. Read the whole sample response to get a sense of how the question was answered.
  2. Reread each paragraph and section of the paper and make a list of all key points.
  3. Make an effort to incorporate novel thoughts and arguments from your notes.
  4. Find out which sources the researcher used in the model answer and go over them.
  5. Make use of the sources to conduct additional research for the same type of academic task.
  6. Read over the information you’ve gathered and make additional notes on the essential features you’d like to include in your work.
  7. Make certain that the final product is plagiarism-free and authored entirely from your own experience.

Even though reviewing the model paper and drawing references from it will be laborious, you will gain a complete understanding of the topic that will aid you in your next exams.

Is it possible for me to submit a sample answer to my academic institute?

No! Plagiarism occurs when a researcher’s work is used. You cannot claim credit for someone else’s work. Even if you try to change the work slightly, it will still be regarded plagiarized. Your college and university want you to submit 100 percent original work. If you consider utilizing our custom study work in accordance with our Fair Use Policy, it will be really beneficial.

This will assist you in improving your academic results by teaching you how to master the skill of writing excellent academic papers each semester.

If you have any additional questions about the Fair Use Policy or the Terms and Conditions, please contact our Customer Relationship Managers. Via Mail “Contact@assignmenthelpplus.com”

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